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SOON TO BE RETIRED 5 ML Perfume Oil in Roll-On Bottle

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The scents listed below will soon be retired. Please select your choice from the drop-down menu. If a scent is not on the drop-down menu, it is no longer available.

You may choose one free sample with your order - list scent in note section during checkout process. If sample choice is not listed, one will be randomly selected for you. Scent choice is limited to currently available, monthly resurrected, scent dupes, and scents listed below that do not contain Tunisian patchouli.

Bottle volume is approximate and based on specifications of manufacturer.

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Andromeda - Egyptian musk, blue Egyptian musk, coriander.

Ashes to Ashes - black vanilla, vanilla smoke, ash, sweet musk.

Bad Seed - brown sugar, vanilla musk, vanilla bean, maple, cane sugar.

Beauty of Poison - aged dark vanilla, black sandalwood, sweet red musk, tolu balsam, rose petals, opopanax, chai spice, black tea, castoreum (synthetic scent dupe).

Blackberry Patchouli - sweet blackberry, aged dark patchouli.

Black Currant Lemonade - black currant, lemon, sugar.

Black Currant Patchouli - black currant, aged patchouli, Tunisian patchouli, hint of marshmallow.

Black Veil - red Egyptian musk, black pepper, dark cedar, white pepper, Egyptian musk, aged patchouli.

Bottlebee - pomelo, blue Egyptian Musk, vanilla absolute, clove, patchouli, sweet musk.

Britannia - black coconut, patchouli, marshmallow.

Caligari - red musk, mastic resin, Tunisian patchouli, Indian patchouli, elemi, copal tears, blood orange, myrrh resin.

Chiron - blonde woods, cedar, dark amber, peppercorn, scorched sugar, piñon, Egyptian musk.

Clovan - clove, vanilla musk, vanilla bean, black vanilla.

Cobalt - blue musk, vanilla bean, vanilla absolute, candied violet petals. 

Coffee & Cigarettes - coffee essential oil, tobacco leaves, vanilla bourbon, and a slight hint of smoke.

Crystal Patchouli - Indonesian patchouli, Indian patchouli, Tunisian patchouli, crystallized amber, vanilla crystal, rock candy, black vanilla, patchouli flower.

CWCP (Cherry Walnut Cinnamon Pancakes) - pancakes, cherry, walnut, cinnamon, maple, vanilla bean.

Dandelion Wine - dandelion blossoms, sugar, sweet musk, hint of lemon, blood orange, dirt.

Dirty Lemonade - lemon, cane sugar, dirt, & a very aged patchouli.

Drink Me - cream soda, red pop, sugar.

Fringe - dark vanilla, sweet vanilla, vanilla bean, strawberries, blue raspberry, cotton candy, angel food cake.

Gamma Ray - African musk, Egyptian musk, light musk, teensy bit of clove.

Gloomy Sunday - white musk, sweet musk, patchouli, cinnamon, myrrh, sugar, hint of smoke.

Graveyard - 12 year old patchouli, damp earth, moss.

Greta - Egyptian musk, cardamom, clove, aged patchouli, oud, moss, Tunisian amber.

Honeysuckle Rose - honeysuckle, yellow rose, red rose, red Egyptian musk, white musk.

Isobel - Egyptian musk, lavender, aged patchouli, iris, citrus.

Knihovna - dark vanilla, leather, oak, amber, black patchouli, aged patchouli. Inspired by the smell of libraries/old books.

Kupala - lavender, light amber, nag champa, vanilla, cinnamon, sweet musk, benzoin.

Last Dance - vanilla bean, Egyptian musk, lemon, teensy hints of cinnamon & incense smoke.

Marzanna - myrrh, tonka bean, African musk, slight hint of smoked cinnamon.

Mistake #22 - dark vanilla, golden musk, vanillin, elemi resin, light amber.

Nightmare - Tunisian patchouli, dark musk, black vanilla, sweet loam.

Oops - creamy vanilla, buttery vanilla, dark vanilla, vanilla bean, African vanilla, Egyptian musk, black vanilla.

Ophelia - tonka bean, vanilla cake, benzoin, lemon, Egyptian musk.

Opium Eater - black opium, smoke, clove, tobacco, vanilla, patchouli, aged dark amber, rose essential.

Patchouli Love - aged patchouli, Tunisian patchouli, Chinese patchouli, tonka bean, Egyptian musk, cinnamon stick.

Patchouli White Birch - aged patchouli, white birch, Tunisian patchouli, light patchouli.

Peachiotrope Spice - heliotrope, peach, cardamom, ginger, clove, nutmeg, sugar.

Peppered Peony - peony, white pepper, pink peppercorn, sweet musk.

Pieces of Eight - black coconut, black cedar, black musk, dragon's blood, Tunisian patchouli, marshmallow.

Quicksand - elemi resin, black musk, smoke, benzoin, vanilla bean. Inspired by my favorite Bowie song.

Raspberry Rose - red raspberry, red rose, white rose.

Salted Patchouli - aged patchouli, Tunisian patchouli, salt.

Scaredy Cat - piñon, blue Egyptian musk, white copal, aged myrrh, white pepper, hint of plai.

Smitten Kitten - red Egyptian musk, red rose, tea rose, white rose, patchouli.

Squish Squash - pumpkin, sugar, strawberry, hint of maple.

Strawberry Fandango - strawberry, vanilla bean, amber, sweet myrrh, black opium, cedar.

Strega - patchouli, jasmine, rose geranium.

Sweet & Salty Myrrh - Tunisian myrrh, aged myrrh, sugar, hint of rock salt.

Sweet Tonka Orange Mimosa - sweet orange, orange peel, tonka bean, champagne.

Tainted Love - Egyptian musk, red Egyptian musk, blue Egyptian musk, pheromones (synthetic), ambrette seed, sugar, vanilla absolute. 

The Loveliest One - red Egyptian musk, red rose, magnolia, benzoin, violet, violet leaf, marshmallow.

Thirteen - Tunisian patchouli, lavender, pine needle, orange blossom, lemon.

Trinactka - aged patchouli, red licorice, cola.

Turnip - myrrh, walnut, clove, Tunisian patchouli, maple, nag champa, apple wood, red cedar.

Vanilla Black Amber - vanilla bean, black amber.

Velvetonic - blue musk, Egyptian musk, red rose, slight whiff of smoke.

Violet Ginger Ale - sweet violet petals, ginger ale, sugar cane, slight hint of cotton candy.

Violet Lemon Drops - violet, sugared lemon candy.

Witches Brew- pumpkin, Egyptian musk, cinnamon, smoke, clove, anise, hint of aged patchouli.