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Whisper Sisters


Can I purchase/take over Whisper Sisters or sell your scents under my brand?

Can I have the recipe for one of your blends?

Do you wholesale?

No. There are no exceptions. I am not a supplier.

Do you have a retail location I can visit?
No. Whisper Sisters is an online business only.

Do you ship internationally?
With the exception of Canada, international shipping is not available, no exceptions.

I don't like a specific note in a blend, can you leave it out?
No. Perfume oils are sold exactly as described. Customization is not available, with exception of the two-note custom blend option. 

I can't find the oil I want, what do I do?

If the oil you are looking for is not listed on either list (Available Scents or Semi-Retired), it is no longer available for purchase.

Do you make custom blends?
No. Custom blends are not available.

Are samples available for purchase?
Samples are no longer available.

Can I smell the oils in person?
Whisper Sisters sells online only.

What carrier do you use?
With the exception of when certain essential oils, aroma compounds/molecules, and/or resins are used, a carrier oil is not used.  The perfume oils used are manufactured to be applied directly on the skin.  They are grade A perfume oils only, not fragrance oils - there IS a difference.  When a carrier is required for the aforementioned exceptions, fractionated coconut oil is used, which is the best carrier, in my opinion. It is beneficial to the skin and does not spoil the way other carrier oils will.

What is the difference between perfume oils and fragrance oils?
As stated above, perfume oils are manufactured to be applied directly to the skin, whereas fragrance oils are not.  Fragrance oils have to be cut with a carrier, in order to be safely applied as a perfume.  This does not mean fragrance oils are stronger.  Fragrance oils are considered manufacturer's quality and contain different ingredients than perfume oil quality.  Perfume oils are intended for one purpose only, to be worn on the skin. Fragrance oils, which are quite a bit less expensive than perfume oils, can be used in many different products - candles, soap, potpourri, etc.

Why does the perfume oil smell differently in the bottle than it does on the skin?
When smelling perfume oil directly out of the bottle, what you are smelling is very concentrated. Perfume oil typically smells completely different on the skin than it does when you sniff it out of the bottle.  For this reason, it is recommended you apply a small amount to your skin and give it a chance to warm up and work with your chemistry. 

Why are there "floaties" in my perfume oil?
Several blends contain natural resins or semi-solid essentials which do not completely liquify until applied to the skin. 

Why is my perfume oil cloudy/why does my perfume oil separate?
Some oils do not blend well with others. This doesn't mean they shouldn't be used together, it simply means they will separate or cause the perfume oil to appear cloudy. If you have a cloudy or separated oil, you should gently shake it prior to use.

Why is there white tape on the bottles?
To prevent/minimize leakage. It is PTFE thread seal tape, the same tape used by plumbers and those into body mod to stretch piercings.

Do you test on animals?
No, nor are animal products or by-products, unless noted otherwise. 

I forgot to add a discount code, will you refund the difference?
If a discount code is not entered or entered incorrectly, a refund will not be issued.

Do I get a tracking number?
USPS tracking numbers are auto-generated  once the shipping label prints. If you have not received a tracking #, your order either hasn't shipped or the e-mail containing it ended up in your spam folder.

The PayPal shipping status hasn't changed, has my order shipped?
I do not ship through PayPal, so the shipping status will not be updated through the PayPal site. An e-mail containing tracking information is automatically generated and sent once your shipping label prints.

Can I combine shipping on multiple orders?
Please visit the 
Shipping & Payment page for information regarding combined shipping.

I did not receive my order, what do I do?
Orders lost in transit are handled on a case by case basis. Orders shown as DELIVERED will not be replaced, unless an error was made on our part.

How do I contact you?
Click on the CONTACT link under PAGES. Please do not send messages through Facebook Messenger - I do not use it or respond to messages sent through it.