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Whisper Sisters



Welcome to Whisper Sisters, purveyors of unique hand-blended perfume oils.

We have 20+ years of experience and extensive training in the perfume oil industry and have been selling online for the last 12 years -  most recently through ArtFire, where we had over 7,000 sales and a 5 star rating.  We outgrew Artfire and now have a new partner and a new home...here.

While we have a wide array of perfume oils available, we specialize in resinous, earthy, patchouli, woodsy, and balsamic based blends.

Our blends contain both naturals and synthetics. We use high quality grade A perfume oils, essential oils, aroma compounds, and resins. Our perfume oils do not contain alcohol, water, or other cheap diluents.  

We test on humans only and do not use animal products or by-products, unless noted otherwise.

Bottle volume is approximate and based on specifications of manufacturer.

Please be aware that perfume oils containing essential oils or resins may smell slightly different each time they are purchased, which will be the case with any perfumery you order from.  This has to do with the age of the oils used, growing conditions, the time of year harvesting occurs, and how the oil is distilled. 

WARNINGS: Our products are for external use and are not to be consumed, nor are they for use by children. We are not liable for any reaction (allergic or otherwise) you may have. As with all products used on the skin, a small patch test is recommended prior to use (apply small amount to inside forearm to see how skin reacts).  If itching, redness, rash, burning, swelling, or discomfort occurs at any time, discontinue use.

While the cinnamon and clove oils we use are skin safe scent dupes, those with sensitive skin may want to avoid blends containing them.

Avoid wearing perfume oils containing citrus if planning to be in the sun or tanning, as they cause photosensitivity. Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding  should avoid perfume oils containing anise, basil, birch, camphor, oak moss, parsley, & sage. 

If you have questions regarding our products, free to contact us via the CONTACT link.