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New Blends 5ml Perfume Oil in Roll-On Bottle


Image of New Blends 5ml Perfume Oil in Roll-On Bottle

*UPDATED 9/17/22*

The scents listed below are the most recent additions to the currently available list:

Blueberry Sparkle - blueberry, whipped cream, vanilla bean, slight hint of patchouli, lots of glitter.

Cauldron Bubble - root beer, cola, ginger ale, marshmallow, soil, the slightest hint of soft smoke (think fog machine smoke). This was going to be a Halloween/fall LE, but I loved it and decided to make it permanent.

Coral Tomb - blue Egyptian musk, iris, water lily, ozone, China musk, with hints of sea salt, soil, light amber, & cedar. "A coral tomb makes a quiet grave..." - Jules Verne

Effigy - jasmine, dark oud, chai spice, neroli, dragon's blood, aged myrrh resin, red cedar. Partially inspired by the Ministry song of the same name.

Iolanthe - red musk, black sandalwood, red myrtle, earthy mushrooms, slight hint of heliotrope for a touch of sweetness.

It's Not Patchouli - a deep, dark aged patchouli with a slight hint of scorched sugar.

Moondust Will Cover You *LIMITED EDITION* - an art/experience scent meant to convey what "Moonage Daydream" (the film) was to me. Scent notes are not available, as they would take away from the experience. It is airy, lighty, & space/galaxy-ish.

Syrphidae - orange blossom, honeysuckle, nectar, blood orange, bitter orange, white grapefruit, bergamot, skin musk, with a touch of vetiver to add depth and lots of glitter.

Vermilion - red musk, red Egyptian musk, magnolia, heliotrope, red currant, blackberry, white rose.

Vetiver Smoke - heavy vetiver, Egyptian musk, cashmeran, white woods, slight hint of campfire smoke.

Bottle volume is approximate and based on specifications of manufacturer.

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