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New Blends 1/4 oz Perfume Oil Roll-On or Screw Cap Bottle


Image of New Blends 1/4 oz Perfume Oil Roll-On or Screw Cap Bottle

Available in 1/4 oz (7.39 ml) roll-on or screw cap bottles. Please list bottle style choice (roll-on or screw cap) in note section. If choice is not listed, roll-on will be sent.

*UPDATED 1/6/23*

The scents listed below are the most recent additions to the currently available list:

Come On Up to the House - rose petals, crisp fallen leaves, vetiver, red Egyptian musk.

Gasteracantha - heavy black musk, dark cedarwood, tree branches, aged vetiver, dragon's blood, chai spices, and agarwood with a slight hint of palo santo. Inspired by black spiny-backed orb weavers.

In Dreams - lavender, chamomile, vanilla absolute.

Mullo - clove, exotic spices, sugared patchouli, salted patchouli, freshly turned soil, slight touch of cetalox.

Not the Bees! - honeycomb (vegan friendly scent dupe), church incense, ginger oat cakes, maple, wicker, dried leaves, dark amber.

Red Lipstick's Always Gonna Leave a Stain - dragon's blood, vetiver, honey (vegan friendly scent dupe), guaiac wood, hint of oak moss.

Rosemallow Macaron - pink macarons, rose/marshmallow filling and a slight hint of raspberry.

This Serious Moonlight - cool moonlit Michigan nighttime air, blue Egyptian musk, clove, white pepper, honey (vegan friendly scent dupe).

Zardoz - salted marshmallows, nag champa, brown sugar, sweet cedar, hint of black licorice.

Bottle volume is approximate and based on specifications of manufacturer.


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