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Limited Edition Valentine's Day Inspired Perfume Oil 5 ml Roll-On


Image of Limited Edition Valentine's Day Inspired Perfume Oil 5 ml Roll-On

The limited edition Valentine's Day inspired blends are available through February 15th, 2020. Please make your scent choice from the drop-down menu. Each perfume oil will arrive attractively gift wrapped, with scent name on back of bottle. Available in roll-on bottles only.

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Valentine's Day inspired blends:

Beloved - red rose, white rose, cinnamon, marshmallow.

Be Mine (2020 version)- patchouli, vanilla, clove, ginger, copal.

Blue Valentine - blue Egyptian musk, peru balsam, tonka bean, palo santo, agarwood, vanillin, vanilla orchid, pine needle, frankincense, slight hint of earth.

Cat's Meow - tonka bean, vetiver, myrrh, dark cedar, blue Egyptian musk, hint of smoke.

Cupid - red Egyptian musk, heliotrope, cinnamon, marshmallow, cotton candy, dark vanilla, patchouli.

Gnat's Eyebrows - champaka flower, black pepper, white pepper, patchouli, vetiver, beeswax absolute, black musk, cardamom, clove. NOT A VEGAN FRIENDLY BLEND.

Love - white musk, cassia, fir balsam, red Egyptian musk.

Lovely Creature - peony, forget-me-not, violet, blue musk, French incense, red rose, orris butter, a teensy bit of red Egyptian musk.

Psyche - Tunisian patchouli, red Egyptian musk, cinnamon, red rose, white cake, Tunisian amber, black sandalwood.

Red Hot Lemonade - lemon, sugar, cinnamon.

Smitten Kitten - red Egyptian musk, red rose, tea rose, white rose, patchouli.

Valentina (2020 version) - marshmallow, patchouli, chai spice, hint of champagne.