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Halloween/Fall Inspired Blends 1/4 oz Roll-On or Screw Cap


Image of Halloween/Fall Inspired Blends 1/4 oz Roll-On or Screw Cap
  • Image of Halloween/Fall Inspired Blends 1/4 oz Roll-On or Screw Cap


Available through 2/28/23

The limited edition Halloween/fall inspired blends are back for a short time, in roll-on or screw cap 1/4 oz bottles. Please make your scent choice from the drop down menu and specify bottle style (roll-on or screw cap) in the note section during checkout. If style is not specified, roll-on bottles will be sent.

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Available Scents:

All Hallow’s Eve - pumpkin, patchouli, black vanilla, scorched sugar, vanilla bean, dirt, candy corn, clove.

Ballyhoo - black cherry, chai tea, honey (synthetic dupe), blood orange, red rose, red Egyptian musk.

Banshee - cotton candy, black coconut, patchouli, with hints of anise, tobacco, & smoke.

Beware the Autumn People – aged patchouli, smoke, dark amber.

Blue Pumpkin - pumpkin, blue Egyptian musk, Egyptian musk, patchouli, aged amber, copaiba balsam, vanilla bourbon, teensy tiny touch of smoke.

Broomstick – cotton candy, lemon, myrrh, cinnamon.

Carved – marshmallow, vanilla, clove, pumpkin, smoke.

Can’t You See the Witch? – patchouli, blue musk, blue Egyptian musk, myrrh, burning embers, walnut bark, hint of geosmin.

Chocomallow Pumpkin Pie - marshmallow, cardamom, pumpkin, hot cocoa, pumpkin pie spice. (Very limited quantity available).

Creepy Carrie - black sandalwood, myrrh resin, sweet myrrh, rose, orange blossom, hint of copper.

Desmodontinae - cola, coffee, black vanilla, black pepper, black patchouli.

Devil’s Night - pumpkin, patchouli, clove, dragon’s blood, birch tar, mushroom, loam, fire.

Dia De Los Muertos – red rose, marigold, chrysanthemum, sugar, frankincense.

Dirt Nap - dirt, tuberose, dark vanilla, patchouli, moss, spikenard.

Dirty Pumpkins – pumpkin, marshmallow, tonka bean, dirt, aged patchouli.

Do You Feel…Dark? – dragon’s blood, clove, pumpkin, black cedar, patchouli, clove, nutmeg, black sandalwood.

Dust Witch – thunderstorms, the woods, dusty incense, earth, Indonesian musk, pumpkin, heliotrope, teeny bit of sugar.

Fizz-O-Ween – pumpkin, ginger ale, candy corn, patchouli, black cherry.

Flor de Muertos - white musk, red Egyptian musk, tagetes, red rose, neroli, copal, carnation.

Fortune Queen (2022 reformulation) - dark amber, red musk, myrrh, elemi resin, patchouli, burning candles.

Ghost - patchouli, vanilla, cinnamon bud, blood orange, white pepper.

Grimly Fiendish - benzoin, sweet vanilla, peru balsam, dark amber, patchouli, cashmeran, black pepper, white pepper, tiny hints of clove & black agar.

Halloween Rose – red rose, red Egyptian musk, marshmallow, white rose, pumpkin, candy corn, patchouli.

Halloween Town - nemesia, chrysanthemum, clove, sugar, patchouli, pumpkin.

Hell’s Bells - leather, patchouli, black sandalwood, black teak.

He Who Walks Behind the Rows – myrrh, dirt, leaves, dark woods, birch tar, patchouli.

H is for Heretic - ritual incense, burning oak, balsamic resins, moss. Inspired by Cry of the Banshee.

Ignis Fatuus - maple butter, black sugar, incense, dark vanilla pumpkin, sugar, white pepper, black pepper, nutmeg, patchouli, with birch.

Jack O. Lantern - sweet pumpkin, candy corn, clove, nutmeg, bitter orange, patchouli.

Le Culte Des Morts - sugar, marigold, church incense, geranium, soil, vetiver, rose, drop of thyme.

Ligeia - violet, patchouli, vanilla, clove, cedar, cinnamon, hint of soil.

Mabon - patchouli, cedar, dragon's blood, cinnamon, elemi resin, maple, frankincense.

Magori - hard grandma candies, incense, marshmallows, clown makeup, jelly beans.

Melusina - Egyptian musk, African vanilla, pumpkin, cinnamon, black vanilla.

Mischief - dragon's blood, black musk, smoke, cypress, cedar, Tunisian amber, rose absolute, allspice, black pepper, orange blossom.

Moroi - intoxicatingly sweet nectar, nag champa, church incense, hint of moss.

Mortem - dirt, vanilla, sugar, patchouli, champaka, lemon.

Mr. Dark - lightening, scorched earth, tonka bean, guaiac wood, black sandalwood, cedar, myrrh, opoponox resin, dragon’s blood resin.

Muma Pädurii - red musk, guaiac wood, tree bark, nag champa, creamy pumpkin, tonka bean, palo santo, walnut.

Nevermore - patchouli, black sandalwood, red Egyptian musk, violet.

October - pumpkin, elemi, dark cedar, black vanilla, sugar, drop of cade.

Ollphéist – Tunisian amber, dark amber, white sugar, myrrh, clove, pumpkin, birch.

Patchouli Pumpkin - aged patchouli, pumpkin, vanilla bean.

Peculiar Pumpkin - dark vanilla, chai spice, pumpkin, vanilla musk, nag champa, dragon’s blood, hint of honey (scent dupe).

Planchette – red Egyptian musk, marshmallow, dark cedar, damp earth, chai spice, heliotrope.

Plasma Candy - black cherry, red cherry, vanilla, patchouli.

Poison Candy – sugar, ginger ale, nutmeg, clove, heliotrope, dirt, smidgen of patchouli.

Pumpkin Rose – red rose, pumpkin, black vanilla, nutmeg, elemi resin.

Redrum - patchouli, rum, red Egyptian musk, licorice, black pepper.

Salted Pumpkin – pumpkin, marshmallow, salt, teensy bit of patchouli.

Scissors for the Drifter - black sandalwood, rock candy, vetiver, black musk, copper, metal shavings, scorched sugar, cedar.

Season of the Witch – black pepper, white pepper, brown sugar, allspice, nutmeg, cardamom, pumpkin, red thyme, dark vanilla, red Egyptian musk, old books.

Severen – nag champa, black musk, Egyptian musk, black musk, black pepper, scorched sugar.

Silver Shamrock – crunchy dead leaves, black amber, decaying pumpkin, cinnamon buns, patchouli, hints of oak & lemon.

Smoke Tea Séance – Russian black tea, cade, soil, patchouli, incense, spikenard, slight hint of cinnamon.

Something Wicked… - elemi essential, elemi resin, dark myrrh, myrrh resin, copal resin, aged cedar, patchouli, white birch, scorched caramel.

Stitchling (2022 reformulation) - dark nag champa, earth, patchouli, elemi resin, cotton candy.

Succubus - (2022 reformulation - heliotrope, cetalox, benzoin, copaiba balsam, earth, extinguished candles, hint of rose.

Sugar Witch – blue Egyptian musk, vanilla absolute, dark sugar, patchouli, marshmallow, sugar cane, hint of rock salt, drop of cade.

They're All Gonna Laugh at You! - cedar, tea leaves, sugar, patchouli, butterscotch, oatmeal, cream, dark vanilla, hint of orange peel.

Toil & Trouble - maple, pumpkin, frankincense, marshmallow, nutmeg, clove leaf, black vanilla.

Ulalume - dragon's blood, oud, myrrh, brown sugar, nag champa, patchouli, dirt, dark musk, walnut, cinnamon stick.

Ulmers – black pepper, patchouli, ritualistic incense, maple sugar candy, haunted graveyards, black cat fur.

We All Float... - whipped cream, circus peanuts (candy), dried leaves, moss, freshly dug graves, copper pennies, palo santo, black jasmine.

Weebus Warbus - cotton candy, blue musk, raspberry, red licorice.

Whiskey Pumpkin Pancakes – maple syrup covered pancakes, whiskey.

Witches…All of Them Witches! – incense, black sandalwood, white musk, Arabian musk, sweet fennel, agarwood, elemi, dirt, black agar, saffron.

Zombie Juice – tonka bean, pumpkin, pumpkin spice, walnut, dirt, moss, clove, champagne.