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Whisper Sisters

1996 V1, Chocochouli, Xocolotl 5 ml Limited Edition Perfume Oils


Image of  1996 V1, Chocochouli, Xocolotl 5 ml Limited Edition Perfume Oils

The following blends containing cocoa absolute are available for a limited time (until my supply of cocoa absolute is depleted):

1996 V1 - original version of 1996 with notes of cocoa absolute, clove cigarettes, black coffee, chai tea, black tea, incense, aged patchouli, Egyptian musk, exotic resins, rock candy, hint of cigar smoke.

Chocochouli - aged cocoa absolute, aged patchouli, and Tunisian patchouli.

Xocolatl - coffee essential oil, patchouli, cocoa absolute, whipped cream, sugar.

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