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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you wholesale?
No, we do not.

Do you have a retail location I can visit?
No, we do not.  We are currently an online only business.

Do you make custom blends?
Due to the time involved and overall cost, we are unable to make custom blends.

Can I get samples?
We have 1 ml samples available for $2 each, plus each order includes a free sample. You may request a specific scent for the free sample, or one will be selected for you at random.

Can I smell the oils in person?
Sorry, but we sell online only, which is why we offer samples.  We do occasionally do local events, but those are few and far between.

What carrier do you use?
With the exception of when certain essential oils, aroma compounds/molecules, and/or resins are used, we do not use a carrier oil.  The perfume oils we use are manufactured to be applied directly on the skin.  We use grade A perfume/body oils only, not fragrance oils - there IS a difference.  When a carrier is required for the aforementioned exceptions, we use fractionated coconut oil, which is the best carrier to use, as it is beneficial to the skin and does not spoil the way other carrier oils will.

What is the difference between perfume oils and fragrance oils?
As stated above,  perfume oils are manufactured to be applied directly to the skin, whereas fragrance oils are not.  Fragrance oils have to be cut with a carrier, in order to be safely applied as a perfume.  This does not mean fragrance oils are stronger.  Fragrance oils are considered manufacturer's quality and contain different ingredients than perfume oil quality.  Perfume oils are intended for one purpose only, to be worn on the skin.  Fragrance oils, which are quite a bit less expensive than perfume oils, can be used in many different products - candles, soap, potpourri, etc.

Why does the perfume oil smell differently in the bottle than it does on the skin?
When smelling perfume oil directly out of the bottle, what you are smelling is very concentrated.  Perfume oil typically smells completely different on the skin than it does when you sniff it out of the bottle.  For this reason, it is recommended you apply a small amount to your skin and give it a chance to warm up and work with your chemistry. 

Why are there "floaties" in my perfume oil?
Quite a few of our perfume oils contain natural resins or semi-solid essentials which do not completely liquefy until applied to the skin. 

Why is my perfume oil cloudy/why does my perfume oil separate?
Some oils do not blend well with others. This doesn't mean they shouldn't be used together, it simply means they will separate or cause the perfume oil to appear cloudy. If you have a cloudy or separated oil, you should gently shake it prior to use.

Do you test on animals?
No, we do not test on animals.  We test on willing humans only and do not use animal products or by-products, unless noted otherwise.  

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