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Recently Retired Scents

The scents listed below were recently retired. Scent descriptions will remain up through the end of May 2022.

Air - lavender, Egyptian musk, light musk, white musk, hint of ivy.

Alice - vanilla, rose, green herbs, muguet, magnolia, lavender.

AN (formerly Alla) - inspired by Alla Nazimova. Aged patchouli, red rose, rose bud, clove, hints of black amber & cotton candy.

Anis et Café - coffee absolute, anise, sugar.

Anis et Fleur d'Oranger - orange blossom, anise, sugar.

Anis et Rose - red rose, anise, sugar.

Anis et Violette - violet, anise, sugar.

Anise Lemon Drop - lemon, sugar, anise.

Asrai - aquatic musk, blue Egyptian musk, white florals, ozone, light sandalwood.

Astraea - aged patchouli, cardamom, marshmallow, black tea, white pepper, white clove, oat milk, saffron.

Baxter - black pepper, sweet musk, aged patchouli, dark vanilla, clove.

Begotten - clay, concrete, light amber, benzoin, dark cedar, oakmoss absolute, orris root.

Black Currant Tea - black currant, white tea, sugar, hint of honey.

Black Moon - dirt, dragon's blood, patchouli, clove.

Caerulean - aquatic musk, blue Egyptian musk, blue musk, blue carnation, water lily, may chang, apple blossom.

Cecil - brown sugar, black pepper, sugar.

Cherrychouli Marshmallow Musk - red cherries, patchouli, marshmallow, sweet musk.

Chyba - black amber, lemon, sugar.

Clara* - lotus, frangipani, blue gardenia, clove, apple blossom, vanilla orchid.

Dig It - sweet cedar, Tunisian dark amber, patchouli, bergamot, clove, soil, decaying leaves.

Eat Me - sugar, cupcakes, vanilla frosting.

Édith - red Egyptian musk, blue musk, China musk, white tea, freesia, red rose, heliotrope, coriander, green herbs, orris root, red thyme, teensy bit of lemon.

Ether - midnight musk, tonka bean, ambrette seed, benzoin, garjun balsam, blonde woods, vetiver, white pepper.

Etta - Tunisian patchouli, black tea, sugar, teensy bit of lemon.

Frankenstein Patchouli - aged Indian patchouli, orris root, gurjun balsam, hints of aged black cedar leaf, piñon, & labdanum. 

Gossamer - white birch, red Egyptian musk, benzoin, light amber, vanilla bean, black vanilla.

Haruspex - clove, wood musk, Tunisian frankincense, mushroom, smoke, aged patchouli, suede, tonka bean absolute, black agar.

Hazy Shade - sweet frankincense (aged), Egyptian musk, cedar, dark amber (aged), hint of ginger.

Holy Holy - palo santo, incense, myrrh resin, rose, dark amber, guaiac wood, patchouli, Tunisian musk, clove.

Ianthe - peony, blue gardenia, white peach, Egyptian musk.

Immortelle - ruby red pink grapefruit, red currant, vanilla bean, pomelo.

Indecorum - crayons, six types of vanilla, black amber, black agar, marshmallow, damp soil, hints of oak & patchouli.

June - thick Egyptian musk, orange blossom, red Egyptian musk. Due to the thickness of this particular Egyptian musk oil, June may separate and need to be shaken prior to use.

June Bug - marshmallow, vanilla, grapefruit, pink grapefruit, aged patchouli.

Lemon Drop - lemon, sugar, marshmallow.

Lottie - peach, hyacinth, lilac, rose, sugar, rose, Egyptian musk.

Lulu - Mexican vanilla, brown sugar, sweet cream.

Lusus Naturae - coffee, patchouli, maple, marshmallow, cardamom, black tea, clove, peppercorn.

Oona - tonka bean, orange peel, Indonesian patchouli, slight hint of cinnamon.

Pantomima - black currant, rose, sugar, benzoin, vanilla bean, patchouli.

Patchouli Fizz - aged patchouli, ginger ale, teensy hints of lemon & cinnamon.

Patchouli Lemon Drop - aged patchouli, lemon, sugar, marshmallow.

Pink Monkey Bird - marshmallow fluff, pink cotton candy, pink grapefruit, pink peppercorn, sweet musk, with hints of blood orange & aged patchouli. Inspired by "Moonage Daydream" by Bowie.

Prázdný - aged cedar, dark vanilla, marshmallow, slight hint of black sandalwood.

Quelle - orange blossom, patchouli, marshmallow, blood orange.

Rara Avis - white musk, white birch, dark vanilla, heliotrope, sugar, scorched sugar. 

Rosewater Lemonade - rosewater, sugar, lemon.

Salem - incense, black vanilla, blue Egyptian musk, Egyptian musk, clove, pumpkin, dried leaves, graveyard dirt, slight hint of ocean air.

Salted Earth - soil, moss, salt, tree bark, teensy bit of sugar.

Saudade - salt water taffy, book pages, clove cigarettes, sand, very aged patchouli.

Sibyl - red Egyptian musk, heliotrope, cognac, and sugar with slight hints of oak, patchouli, and rock salt.

Sister Moon - moonflower, violet, earth, champagne, hyacinth.

Stellaluna - fluffy cotton candy, dark vanilla, Egyptian musk, patchouli, hint of cinnamon, teensy bit of strawberry.

Sudice - blue Egyptian musk, white pepper, black balsam, aged patchouli, sugar beet (smells like sugar, not beets), slight hint of citrus.

Switch - black sandalwood, aged amber, dragon's blood, black pepper.

Tangerine Rose - tangerine, red rose, white rose.

Tangerine Trollop - tangerine, tonka bean, patchouli, hint of true vanilla bean.

The Parlour - red Egyptian musk, black currant, red currant, smoke, slight hint of peach.

Tilde - red cherries, patchouli, sugar, vanilla cream, cinnamon.

Violaceous - violet blossoms, nag champa, red musk, lemon, hint of sugar.

Wraith - myrrh, dragon's blood, pumpkin, Egyptian musk, ylang ylang.