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Whisper Sisters

Recently Retired Scents

The scents listed below were recently retired. Limited quantities of each are available on the Recently Retired listing. If a scent is on the list below but not on the drop-down menu of the listing it is no longer available.
Aerolite - white birch, marshmallow, elemi resin, amber, wool, white pepper.

Agatha - heavy aged patchouli, vanilla bean, cetalox, teensy bit of smoke. LOTS of glitter.

Backscatter - blue Egyptian musk, clove, fennel, nutmeg, fresh green herbs, amber, anise, wormwood.

Beloved - red rose, white rose, cinnamon, marshmallow.

Berenice - blood orange, marshmallow, dark vanilla, sugar.

Beware* - dark vanilla, vanilla absolute, vanilla bean, cardamom, black tea, hint of white pepper.

Blackberry Firewood - blackberry, red musk, firewood, myrrh, hint of clove.

Blueberry Sparkle - blueberry, whipped cream, vanilla bean, slight hint of patchouli, lots of glitter.

Chick Chick Chicken* - chicken food, maple, dirt, marshmallow, patchouli.

Coral Tomb - blue Egyptian musk, iris, water lily, ozone, China musk, with hints of sea salt, soil, light amber, & cedar. "A coral tomb makes a quiet grave..." - Jules Verne

Dea Dia - orange blossom, white musk, dragon's blood, dirt, black sandalwood.

Deliquium - Egyptian musk, white birch, hint of salt.

Dennitsa - China musk, sweet cream, violet, vanilla bean, cotton candy, blue musk, hint of honey (synthetic dupe).

Dirt - smells just like moist, wormy soil.

Dust - blue musk, blue Egyptian musk, tonka bean, agarwood, black sandalwood, suede, coriander, labdanum, light cedar, ambergris (synthetic scent dupe), sparkles.

Eartha - skin musk, marshmallow, clove, hint of nutmeg.

Echo - black currant, apricot, cassia flower, pink peppercorn, heliotrope, slight hint of green woods.

Electrum - resinous myrrh, vetiver, black pepper, dark vanilla.

Franchoulia - aged patchouli, French vanilla, hint of sweet frankincense.

Frankincense & Myrrh - sweet frankincense, aged Tunisian myrrh.

Frankincense Patchouli - sweet frankincense, aged patchouli.

Fresh Grave - funeral flowers, damp earth, incense.

Freyja - violet, red Egyptian musk, elemi, sugar, myrrh, clove, earth.

Gamayun - white musk, blue Egyptian musk, sweet cream, red rose, honey (synthetic dupe).

Good Witch - sugar, brown sugar, Egyptian musk, lemon.

Hot Tramp - red Egyptian musk, peach, vanilla, red rose, sugared violet petals, cinnamon, cotton candy.

Ignis Fatuus - maple butter, black sugar, incense, dark vanilla, pumpkin, sugar, white pepper, black pepper, nutmeg, patchouli, white birch.

Incantation - dark amber, dragon's blood, black musk, patchouli, marshmallow, myrrh resin, benzoin resin, dragon's blood resin, patchouli leaf.

Iris - red rose, rose absolute, marshmallow, red musk, and rose geranium with slight hints of lemon and earth.

Jeez Louise - red musk, red Egyptian musk, champaka, vetiver, patchouli, black pepper, white pepper, teensy hint of marshmallow for a bit of sweetness.

Nosferatu - earth, rose otto, clove, sugar, aged patchouli.

Orange Sunshine - orange peel, blood orange, dark vanilla, tangerine, black pepper, patchouli, vanilla musk.

Orange Vanilla - sweet orange, blood orange, vanilla.

Patchouli Saffron - aged patchouli and saffron with a hint of white pepper.

Peachblow - peach blossom, peach, red Egyptian musk, hint of violet.

Pneuma - dirt, aged dark patchouli, vanilla absolute, vanilla bean, vanilla bourbon.

Salted Grapefruit - ruby red grapefruit, pink grapefruit, white grapefruit, salt.

Salted Rose - salt, red rose, white rose, tea rose, red Egyptian musk.

Sin - vanilla, violet, white musk.

Sugared Patchouli - aged patchouli, white sugar, sugar cane, brown sugar, beet sugar.

The Better to Eat You With - sugar, vanilla crystal, Egyptian musk, with hints of lemon, bergamot, white birch, myrrh, & clove.

THEM - wild fig, vanilla cassis, Egyptian musk, tonka bean, sugar.

The Morrigan - black musk, dragons blood, Egyptian musk, aged patchouli, beeswax absolute. *Not a vegan friendly blend because of the beeswax absolute.

Tsikavat - Tunisian myrrh, dark vetiver, guaiac wood, sweet cream.

Vanilla Grapefruit - vanilla, grapefruit.

Veczernitsa - red musk, dark musk, sweet vanilla, labdanum, clove, spikenard.

Vermilion - red musk, red Egyptian musk, magnolia, heliotrope, red currant, blackberry, white rose.

Villa - water lily, blue Egyptian musk, peony, neroli, benzoin, lavender, light cedar.

Violet Pumpkin Tea - sugar, violet, pumpkin, vanilla, slight hint of clove bud.

Vlad - myrrh, earth, rose, marigold, dark musk, patchouli.

Voodoo - oud, incense, dragon's blood.

Vukodlak - dragon's blood, dried leaves, black agar, dark amber, blood cedar, ambergris (synthetic dupe), vanilla musk.