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2022 Winter/Holiday Limited Edition Perfume Oils 5 ml Roll-On


Image of 2022 Winter/Holiday Limited Edition Perfume Oils 5 ml Roll-On
  • Image of 2022 Winter/Holiday Limited Edition Perfume Oils 5 ml Roll-On

Original price $10.
I'm switching to a slightly larger bottle style, so the 5 ml is on sale until my current supply is exhausted.

The limited edition winter/holiday inspired blends are available through January 2nd, 2023.

Available in roll-on 5 ml bottles only.

Please make your scent choice from the drop down menu. Each perfume oil will arrive attractively gift wrapped, with scent name on back of bottle.

Bottle volume is approximate and based on specifications of manufacturer.

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Bah Humbug - coffee, marshmallow, chai spice, allspice, vanilla.

Can't Catch Me - gingerbread, marshmallow frosting, patchouli.

December '22 - clove, blood orange, patchouli. White birch nay be added if requested.

Elf Ale - sugar, marshmallow, cotton candy, clove, black cherry, mulberry, ginger ale, hint of anise.

Frau Perchta - Nag Champa, cotton candy, sugar, black pine, dark vanilla, oud, Tunisian frankincense.

Frost Flower - blonde woods, ambergris (synthetic dupe), holly berry, blue Egyptian musk, palo santo, amaryllis, cold air, frost.

Fume d'Hiver - patchouli, campfire, cinnamon, marshmallow, chai spice, cardamom, candle wax.

Ghosts of Christmas Past - marshmallow, vanilla, smoke, frankincense essential, Tunisian frankincense, myrrh essential.

Jólakötturinn - cardamom, clove, black tea, fir balsam, patchouli, mistletoe, benzoin, teensy bit of coffee absolute.

Krampus - guiac wood, elemi resin, evergreen, scorched sugar, dirt, black pine.

O-Hell Noel - mulberry, black cherry, holly berry, walnut, chai spice.

Rum Spiced Tea - black tea, spiced rum, sugar, patchouli, slight hint of coffee.

Thistletoe - birch, nutmeg, holly berry, mistletoe, frankincense, pine, patchouli, tonka bean.

Winter Champa - nag champa, dragon's blood, black amber, teakwood, spiced pomander, hint of soil.

Winter Rose - red rose, Bulgarian rose, tea rose, black sandalwood, cedar, patchouli, red Egyptian Musk.

Witch of Winter - gingerbread, Tunisian patchouli, blue Egyptian musk, cedar, black sandalwood, white pepper, clove bud, lots & lots of sparkling glitter.