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May Resurrected Scents Perfume Oil 5 ml Roll-On


Image of May Resurrected Scents Perfume Oil 5 ml Roll-On

The retired scents listed below have been brought back for a limited time. Please make your scent choice from the drop down menu. Each perfume oil will arrive attractively gift wrapped, with scent name on label.

Available through May 31st, 2022.

Artio - Egyptian musk, marshmallow, heliotrope, light frankincense, vetiver.

Desolation Angel - Egyptian musk, African vanilla, vanilla absolute, white musk.

Devoted Butler - Peru balsam, patchouli, violet, vetiver, green cardamom, earth, black vanilla, Earl Grey tea, slight hint of fennel. May have "floaties" due to the inclusion of pery balsam.

Elixir #7 - patchouli, amber, vetiver, benzoin, oud, black musk, red Egyptian Musk, patchouli flower, lotus.

Enchantment - strawberry, cinnamon bark, vanilla sugar, clove bud, cardamom.

Harmony - honey (synthetic scent dupe), patchouli, Arabian musk, marigold, earth.

Lemon Tea Cakes - lemon, black tea, vanilla, dark vanilla, French vanilla, cinnamon, sugar, slight hint of anise.

Mantidae - ginger ale, lemon, dirt, frankincense, cedar, birch, moss, marshmallow.

Olwen - Blue Egyptian musk, Egyptian musk, clover, sugar beet, benzoin, tonka bean.

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