• Image of New Perfume Oil Blends 5 ml Roll-On or Screw Cap Bottles

Last update: 8/17/18.

New perfume oil blends are available in 5 ml roll-on (R) or screw cap* (S) bottles. Please make your choice from the drop down menu. Perfume oil(s) will arrive attractively gift wrapped, with scent name on back of bottle.

*Please be aware over time, cap liners in screw caps may become loose or detached. This is something that happens with certain oils and cannot be prevented, regardless of the type of liner used. We do not offer replacement caps, however they can be ordered through quite a few companies online - they're the 13-425 caps.

THEM - wild fig, vanilla cassis, Egyptian musk, tonka bean, sugar.

White Tea & Linen* - white tea, sun-bleached linen, lemon blossom, light vanilla, white woods. *Limited availability - will no longer be available once what I have on hand sells out.

Wool of Bat - anise, clove, wild fig, sugar.

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