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CLEARANCE Assorted Sizes, Scents, & Prices $4.50 - $12


Image of CLEARANCE Assorted Sizes, Scents, & Prices $4.50 - $12
  • Image of CLEARANCE Assorted Sizes, Scents, & Prices $4.50 - $12

Price is shown next to scent name on drop-down menu. If there isn't a price next to the name, it is one of the $4.50 scents/sizes.

Please choose your scent/size from the drop-down menu. If scent is not on the drop-down menu, it is no longer available. Scents without description are scent notes used in my blends. They are perfume oil quality and can be worn as is.

The letter in [ ] after scent name indicates the size/style bottle perfume oil is in.

Bottle size/style:
(See second photo for style letters)
[A] 1 dram (3.7 ml) - $4.50
{B] 1/2 oz - $12
[C] 1/3 oz - $9
[D] 1.5 dram (5.5 ml) - $5
[E] 1/3 oz roll-on - $9
[F] 1/3 oz roll-on - $9
[G] 10 ml - $9

Available scents:

Aerolite - white birch, marshmallow, elemi resin, amber, wool, white pepper.

All Hallow’s Eve - pumpkin, patchouli, black vanilla, scorched sugar, vanilla bean, dirt, candy corn, clove.

Backscatter - blue Egyptian musk, clove, fennel, nutmeg, fresh green herbs, amber, anise, wormwood.

Banshee - cotton candy, black coconut, patchouli, with hints of anise, tobacco, & smoke.

Blue Pumpkin - pumpkin, blue Egyptian musk, Egyptian musk, patchouli, aged amber, copaiba balsam, vanilla bourbon, teensy tiny touch of smoke.

Carved – marshmallow, vanilla, clove, pumpkin, smoke.

Cherrychouli Marshmallow Musk - red cherries, patchouli, marshmallow, sweet musk.

Chick Chick Chicken - chicken food, maple, dirt, marshmallow, patchouli.

Chyba - black amber, lemon, sugar.

Dark Sweet Frankincense

Dia de los Muertos - red rose, marigold, chrysanthemum, sugar, frankincense.

Dirt - smells just like moist, wormy soil.

Echo - black currant, apricot, cassia flower, pink peppercorn, heliotrope, slight hint of green woods.

Egyptian Musk

Fenty (dupe) - magnolia, musk, tangerine, and blueberry with hints of Bulgarian rose absolute, geranium and patchouli.

Franchoulia - aged patchouli, French vanilla, hint of sweet frankincense.

Jack O. Lantern - sweet pumpkin, candy corn, clove, nutmeg, bitter orange, patchouli.

Last Dance - vanilla bean, Egyptian musk, lemon, teensy hints of cinnamon & incense smoke.

Le Culte Des Morts - sugar, marigold, church incense, geranium, soil, vetiver, rose, drop of thyme.

Light Patchouli

Moroi - intoxicatingly sweet nectar, nag champa, church incense, hint of moss.

October - pumpkin, elemi, dark cedar, black vanilla, sugar, drop of cade.

Ollphéist – Tunisian amber, dark amber, white sugar, myrrh, clove, pumpkin, birch.

Patchouli Saffron - aged patchouli and saffron with a hint of white pepper.

Peppered Peony - peony, white pepper, pink peppercorn, sweet musk.

Plasma Candy - black cherry, patchouli, vanilla, cinnamon.

Salted Patchouli - aged patchouli, Tunisian patchouli, salt.

Severen – nag champa, black musk, Egyptian musk, black musk, black pepper, scorched sugar.

The Morrigan - black musk, dragons blood, Egyptian musk, aged patchouli, beeswax absolute. *Not a vegan friendly blend because of the beeswax absolute.

Veczernitsa - red musk, dark musk, sweet vanilla, labdanum, clove, spikenard.

Vukodlak - dragon's blood, dried leaves, black agar, dark amber, blood cedar, ambergris (synthetic dupe), vanilla musk.

Witches...All of Them Witches! - incense, Indian sandalwood, white musk, sweet fennel, agarwood, elemi, dirt, black agar.

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