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Currently Available Scents

Last update: 1/6/2023

If a scent is not listed, it is no longer available. If a scent is listed below, but not on the drop-down menu, it is temporarily unavailable. Scents ending with * are reformulations.


1984* - clove bud, sweet clove, vanilla bourbon, tonka bean, burnt sugar, aged red cedar, dark musk, myrrh.  Inspired by and named after both the book by Orwell and song by Bowie.

1996* - clove cigarettes, black coffee, chai tea, black tea, incense, aged patchouli, Egyptian musk, exotic resins, rock candy, hint of cigar smoke.

Antiquarian - tonka bean, benzoin, black musk, tobacco absolute, clove, Egyptian musk, patchouli, leather. Inspired by the smell of old leather-bound books & Victorian era clothing & furniture.

Another Perfect Catastrophe - aged dark patchouli, vanilla bean, brown sugar, chai spices, white birch. Originally, this was a "mistake" batch I made while making another blend, but it ended up smelling really good, so I decided to keep it around.

Baci di Miele - honey (synthetic scent dupe), vanilla, cinnamon.

Bad Witch - nag champa, frankincense, black sandalwood, dragon's blood, aged patchouli.

Ballrooms of Mars - aged amber, Arabian musk, burning candles, cinnamon candies, white pepper, clove, orris root, brown sugar, slight hint of leather. Inspired by Ballrooms of Mars by T. Rex.

Barada - myrrh, cardamom, galbanum, opoponax resin, benzoin.

BAT! - black ginger, black licorice, black coconut, black sandalwood, clove hint of buttery vanilla.

Bellatrix - red currant, fig, tonka bean, powdered sugar, black currant.

Black Cat - pumpkin stout, sweet pumpkin, patchouli, black musk, maple, black pepper. This is the 2020 reformulation with pumpkin stout instead of pumpkin lager.

Black Lung - a clove cigarette blend; think black cloves from the '90s.

Black Moon - dirt, dragon's blood, aged patchouli, clove.

Black Pumpkin - black musk, black coconut, dark cedar, black pine, tonka bean, cardamom, pumpkin.

Bloodletting - a rose/cetalox blend with hints of nag champa incense, white woods, black myrrh, & dragon's blood.

Blood of My Blood* - cedar, dark amber, benzoin, sugar, patchouli, dragon's blood, myrrh resin.

Blood Red - red rose, Egyptian musk, dirt.

Brat - oud, patchouli, dragon's blood, nag champa, hint of dark vanilla.

Burn Witch Burn - aged patchouli, maple, hickory, hint of smoke.

Butterfly's Boots* - pink grapefruit, Egyptian musk, light amber, vanilla bean, orange blossom.

Cackle - pumpkin, vanilla, blood orange, cinnamon, white pepper.

Candy Corn Trash - lots & lots of patchouli, candy corn, soil.

Candy Lipstick - red Egyptian musk, sugar, orris root, amber, red rose.

Candy Rose - red rose, red Egyptian musk, marshmallow, white rose, pumpkin, cotton candy, hint of patchouli.

Carnivalé - cotton candy, sugar, smoke, tobacco absolute.

Cauldron Bubble - root beer, cola, ginger ale, marshmallow, soil, the slightest hint of soft smoke (think fog machine smoke).

Colorful Dust that Sparkles - cola, cotton candy, vanilla absolute, vanilla bean, marshmallow, root beer, lots & lots of glitter.

Come On Up to the House - rose petals, crisp fallen leaves, vetiver, red Egyptian musk.

Creepy Paper - crepe paper, clove, cetalox, white musk, lotus, teensy bit of black sandalwood.

Crypt - damp soil, moss, mushroom, tonka bean, agarwood, patchouli.

Darkness - dark musk, aged patchouli, incense.

Detroit - smoky incense, spicy musk, cannabis, patchouli, Egyptian musk, clove. Inspired by my home in the '90s.

Diplopoda* - cypress, moss, damp soil, cedar, sweet musk.

Dirty Hippie - aged patchouli, cannabis, nag champa, incense, earth.

Dominula - forest greenery, dead wood, paper, earth, oud.

Dorothy - peony, peach, grapefruit, vanilla.

Dust Witch - thunderstorms, the woods, dusty incense, earth, Indonesian musk, pumpkin, heliotrope, sugar. Includes glitter.

Effigy - jasmine, dark oud, chai spice, neroli, dragon's blood, aged myrrh resin, red cedar. Partially inspired by the Ministry song of the same name.

Elpis - vanilla, orange pomelo, tangerine, lemon.

Eulalie - peach, rose, honeysuckle, carnation.

Ezra - dark amber, black amber, dark vanilla, blood orange, teak, patchouli.

Five - Egyptian musk, myrrh, clove cigarettes, vanilla, red rose, orange blossom. Inspired by Bowie's Five Years.

Flapper - benzoin, clove, dark musk, smoke, opoponax, labdanum, amber, aged patchouli.

Fossil Britches - copaiba balsam, garden soil, grass, pipe smoke, earth musk, blue spruce, light tobacco, cedar, motor oil, copper, slight hints of wintergreen and black coffee. Inspired by my grandfather. This oil will separate and/or appear cloudy due to the inclusion of a very thick musk. This does not have an impact on the smell or quality of the oil.

Gasteracantha - heavy black musk, dark cedarwood, tree branches, aged vetiver, dragon's blood, chai spices, and agarwood with a slight hint of palo santo. Inspired by black spiny-backed orb weavers.

Gilda - spiced gumdrops, black musk, very aged patchouli.

Goblin - dark musk, sweet frankincense, aged patchouli, pumpkin, cinnamon.

Goth Club '89 - if you were there, you know the smell. Heavy resins, candle smoke, nicotine, clove, incense, absinthe, with a hint of intoxicating florals and vintage dark patchouli to balance everything out.

Grave Goods - red rose, red Egyptian musk, chai spice, black vanilla, bitter rose, heliotrope, soil, beeswax candles, funeral flowers, green herbs.

Halloween - candy corn, vanilla, cinnamon.

Halloween Jack - patchouli, black pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, cardamom, pumpkin, benzoin, brown sugar. Inspired by Bowie's Diamond Dogs.

Halloween Patchouli - patchouli, cinnamon, candy corn, vanilla bean, black vanilla.

Harpactira - amber incense, dry leaves, pencil shavings, nag champa incense, golden musk.neroli, black sandalwood. Includes gold leaf and glitter.

Haunted - orange blossom, marshmallow, vanilla absolute.

Häxan - black pine, scorched pumpkin, benzoin, incense, burning candles, earth.

Hell - oak trees, whiskey, incense, guaiac wood, maple, toasted marshmallow, dragon's blood. Inspired by Hell Michigan.

Honey Patchouli - aged patchouli, honey (synthetic scent dupe).

Hurdy Gurdy - black musk, amber dragons blood, tonka bean, aged patchouli, black vanilla, smoked vanilla.

Ignis Fatuus - maple butter, black sugar, incense, dark vanilla, pumpkin, sugar, white pepper, black pepper, nutmeg, patchouli, white birch.

Incantation - dark amber, dragon's blood, black musk, patchouli, marshmallow, myrrh resin, benzoin resin, dragon's blood resin, patchouli leaf

In Dreams - lavender, chamomile, vanilla absolute

Iolanthe - red musk, black sandalwood, red myrtle, earthy mushrooms, slight hint of heliotrope for a touch of sweetness.

Isobel - Egyptiana musk, lavender, aged patchouli, iris, citrus.

It's Not Patchouli - a deep, dark aged patchouli with a slight hint of scorched sugar.

Jeepers Creepers - cane sugar, beet sugar, aged dark patchouli.

Klaatu - myrrh, sweet myrrh, dark musk, dragon's blood, oud, amber.

Leelanau - Lake Michigan, waterlily, jack pine, black spruce, elemi resin, blue musk, slight hint of white cedar. Inspired by Michigan's Leelanau Peninsula.

Lemon Sugar Kisses - lemon, sugar, black cherry.

Macarb - like Macabre, only different. Notes include patchouli, black pepper, clove, red Egyptian musk, red musk, red rose.

Mantidae - ginger ale, lemon, dirt, frankincense, cedar, birch, moss, marshmallow.

Marshmallow Patchouli - aged patchouli, marshmallow.

Mermaid - sea salt, ocean air, water lily, Egyptian musk.

Midnight - clove, patchouli, frankincense.

Moondust Will Cover You - blue Egyptian musk, violet, vanilla bean, vanilla absolute, vanilla musk, vanilla crystal, red Egyptian musk, benzoin, chai spices, cotton candy, Egyptian musk, tiniest hint of smoke and ash.

Mullo - clove, exotic spices, sugared patchouli, salted patchouli, freshly turned soil, slight touch of cetalox.

Nikto - frankincense, sweet frankincense, black coconut, spikenard, birch tar.

Not the Bees! - honeycomb (scent dupe), church incense, ginger oat cakes, maple, wicker, dried leaves, dark amber.

Oh Bela - the sweetest clove, the reddest rose, the tombiest of tombs, the most velvety of velvets, the blackest of capes.

Oh Cherry - red cherry, black cherry, vanilla bean, teensy bit of cinnamon.

Orange Blossom Honey - orange blossom, blood orange, honey (synthetic scent dupe), sweet musk.

Ossuary - lemon, Egyptian musk, clove bud, rosemary, basil, black pepper, patchouli.

Patchouli Amber - dark amber, Tunisian amber, dark patchouli.

Patchouli Cupcake - patchouli, brown butter frosting, vanilla bean, slight hint of marshmallow.

Pictured Rocks - Lake Superior, tree resins, mineral stained sandstone, rich earth, white pine, paper birch, poplar balsam, black spruce. Inspired by Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Possum - tonka bean, Arabian patchouli, rosewood, vanilla bean absolute, black agar.

Red Death - black sandalwood, aged amber, nag champa, resinous musk.

Red Lipstick's Always Gonna Leave a Stain - dragon's blood, vetiver, honey (vegan friendly scent dupe), guaiac wood, hint of oak moss.

Red Patchouli (formerly Banchouli) - aged patchouli, red licorice, sugar, hint of smoke.

Rosemallow Macaron - pink macarons, rose/marshmallow filling and a slight hint of raspberry.

Sad Luck Dame - guaiac wood, marshmallow, red Egyptian musk, blue Egyptian musk, black vanilla, white amber, aged patchouli, elemi resin, hint of freshly turned soil. Inspired by "Clap Hands" by Tom Waits.

Salted Grapefruit - ruby red grapefruit, pink grapefruit, white grapefruit, salt.

Salted Marshmallow - salt, marshmallow.

Samhain - black sandalwood, teak, frankincense, sweet musk, clove.

Signorina Fortuna - rosewood, clove, Egyptian musk, tonka bean, cinnamon, with slight hints of patchouli and anise.

Simrothula - earth, fallen leaves, moss, tree roots, aged patchouli, white birch, slight hint of rock salt.

Sinistre - aged dragons blood, aged patchouli, aged myrrh, spikenard, benzoin, copaiba balsam, black cedar, oud, opopanax resin, dragons blood resin, elemi resin.

Sinann - plumeria, white magnolia, sea salt, water lily, jasmine, blue Egyptian musk.

Six Six Crush - dragon's blood, oud, cypress, myrrh, clove, teak, black pepper, blood orange, chypre.

Skunk Hollow - black spruce, white spruce, pine balsam, black pine, dirt, galbanum, light amber, green moss, mushroom, patchouli, frankincense. Inspired by the woods surrounding the cabin my family owned in Northern Michigan, when I was a child. Skunk Hollow is the name of the road it was on.

Smoked Marshmallow - marshmallow, hint of smoke.

Softly Spoken Lies - cinnamon and sugary and....Indian patchouli, with sweet marshmallow and a touch of red rose. This is a heavy cinnamon scent and while the cinnamon note is a synthetic skin safe cinnamon perfume oil, some may still be sensitive to it. PLEASE try on a small area of skin before applying - right below the inner bend of your elbow is a great spot for this. 

Somnambulist - patchouli flower, ivy, incense, labdanum, mushroom, moss, aged patchouli.

Spiderella - red licorice, marshmallow, & clove with a teensy tiny bit of patchouli. This is similar to Spidora, but isn't patchouli heavy. The patchouli in this is used to tame the sweetness, not to stand out.

Spidora - red licorice, sugar, clove, aged patchouli.

Spinster - moss, mushroom, soil, church incense, rose, lavender.

Star Star* - every Egyptian musk I use (there are 11), angelica flower, and LOTS of sparkles.

Stardust - (formerly Stardust Musk) red Egyptian musk, blue Egyptian musk, sugar, vanilla bean.

Sturnidae - Madagascscar vanilla, vanilla bean, tonka bean, geranium, violet, cedar, vetiver, white musk, with hints of jasmine and black vanilla.

Sweets for the Sweet - red licorice, marshmallow, candy corn, clove, cotton candy.

Syrphidae - orange blossom, honeysuckle, nectar, blood orange, bitter orange, white grapefruit, bergamot, skin musk, with a touch of vetiver to add depth and lots of glitter.

Tahquamenon - earth notes, amber resin, fresh water, hemlock, blue spruce, cedar, black pepper, copaiba balsam, sweet musk. Inspired by Tahquamenon Falls in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

The Passenger - elemi resin, patchouli flower, chai spices, vanilla bourbon, birch tar, black musk.

The Witch - myrrh, aged patchouli, dragon's blood, black sandalwood, frankincense, myrtle.

This Serious Moonlight - cool moonlit Michigan nighttime air, blue Egyptian musk, clove, white pepper, honey (vegan friendly scent dupe).

Tin Man - Egyptian musk, metal, rich syrupy dark amber, blue Egyptian musk, vetiver, motor oil, patchouli, suede.

Trip to the Moon - cotton candy, vanilla crystal, violet, benzoin, chai tea, blue Egyptian musk, slight hint of ash. Inspired by the Alien Sex Fiend song of the same name.

Trochilidae - peach blossom, marshmallow, blue Egyptian musk, African musk, China musk, peach, red rose, moonflower.

Tuilelaith - peony, red rose, apple blossom, red Egyptian musk, black currant, hyacinth.

Vampyr - aged patchouli, rose, heavy dark musk.

Velvet Smoke - aged cedar, Egyptian musk, velvet, chalk dust, cotton batting, incense. Inspired by the scent of a Victorian era chair being reupholstered in velvet.

Veselý - vanilla crystal, orange peel, blood orange, clementine, ginger ale.

Vetiver Smoke - heavy vetiver, Egyptian musk, cashmeran, white woods, slight hint of campfire smoke.

Vrána (formerly Crow Jane) - nag champa, marshmallow, myrrh, vanilla, spice. 

Whisper Sister - vanilla bean, Egyptian musk, cinnamon, smoke, whiskey, aged oak.

Witches Breath - an ever changing blend; it will never smell the same way twice. Available in 5 ml only.

Witchiepoo - clove, aged vanilla, green greasepaint, pumpkin, sugar cubes, hint of scorched sugar.

Woodstock - sandalwood, patchouli, dark vanilla, sugar.

Wool of Bat - anise, clove, sugar.

Worm Cake - white cake, aged dark amber, dirt, brown sugar, white sugar, red Egyptian musk, tonka bean, myrrh, & a teensy bit of black tea.

Zardoz - salted marshmallows, nag champa, brown sugar, sweet cedar, hint of black licorice.

Zlovestny - dragon's blood, dragon's blood resin, red rose, myrrh, light musk, light amber, aged patchouli.