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New Perfume Oil Blends 5 ml Screw Cap or Roll-On


Image of New Perfume Oil Blends 5 ml Screw Cap or Roll-On

Last update: 6/28/17.

New perfume oil blends are available in 5 ml screw cap (S) or roll-on (R) bottles. Please make your choice from the drop down menu below. Perfume oil(s) will arrive attractively gift wrapped, with scent name on back of bottle.

Chyba - black amber, lemon, sugar.

Eurydice - red Egyptian musk, jasmine tea, red rose, white rose, lotus blossom, hint of Spanish moss.

Get Thee to a Nunn'ry - white rose, lilium, palo santo, violet, church incense, hint of oak.

Graveyard - 12 year old patchouli, damp earth, moss. Inspired by the graveyard scented stickers my sister and I had, when we were children.

Hesperides - rain, Egyptian musk, blue carnation, sea salt, tonka bean, violet, blue amber.

Hot Tramp - red Egyptian musk, peach, vanilla, red rose, sugared violet petals, cinnamon, cotton candy. Inspired by Bowie's "Rebel Rebel."

Nocnitsa - Indian patchouli, dragon's blood, black spruce, elemi resin, black pine, hint of cade.

Raspberry Vanilla - vanilla bean, raspberry.

Sudice - blue Egyptian musk, white pepper, black balsam, 12 year old patchouli, sugar beet (smells like sugar, not beets), slight hint of citrus.

Tuilelaith - peony, red rose, apple blossom, red Egyptian musk, black currant, hyacinth.

Zorya - vanilla bean, African vanilla, black spruce, fir balsam, white pine, balsam of Gilead, 12 year old patchouli, red licorice.

PLEASE NOTE: When you smell an oil directly out of the bottle, what you smell is very concentrated. Most of our blends smell completely different once they are applied to the skin and have a chance to warm up and work with your chemistry.

WARNINGS: While the cinnamon and clove oils we use are skin safe scent dupes, those with sensitive skin may want to avoid blends containing them.

Perfume oils are for external use only and are not to be consumed. We are not liable for any reaction (allergic or otherwise) you may have. As with all products used on the skin, a small patch test is recommended prior to use (apply small amount to inside forearm to see how skin reacts). If itching, redness, rash, burning, swelling, or discomfort occurs at any time, discontinue use.

Avoid wearing perfume oils containing citrus if planning to be in the sun or tanning. Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid perfume oils containing anise, basil, birch, camphor, oak moss, parsley, & sage.